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Riva Protect Kit White Powder (15gm)/Liquid (9.1ml)/Conditioner (10ml)

  • Super high fluoride releasing surface protector and sealant 
  • Great protector for tooth surfaces, pits and fissures 
  • Fantastic for use on partially erupted teeth 
  • Suitable for use in a moist invironment 
  • ACP nanotechnology for remineralization 
  • Super high fluoride releasing 
  • Chemically adheres to tooth structure 
  • Radiopaque 
  • Low viscosity for easy surface protection and pit/fissure penetration 
  • Pink or white shade

Compares to All resin pit & fissure sealants, Fuji Triage (GC America)

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You're reviewing:Riva Protect Kit White Powder (15gm)/Liquid (9.1ml)/Conditioner (10ml)
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