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Dia-ISOGT .04 Gutta Percha #15/40 Pk/60


DiaDent's Specialty Points are tailor made to complement different kinds of files. Specializing in Gutta Percha points and Paper Points, we carry the most extensive line of Gutta Percha and Paper Points to suit your every need.


  • Dia-ISO GT: complements Profile ISO Rotary Files and K3 Files
  • Dia-Pro ISO GT: The Millimeter-Marked version of Dia-ISO GT. Complements Profile ISO Rotary Files and K3 Files
  • Dia-PRO T: complements ProTaper Files (Millimeter Marked)
  • Dia-PRO: complements Profile Series 29 Files
  • Dia-GTP: complements: Profile Greater Taper Files
  • Dia-System GTP: complements Profile Greater Taper Files
  • Dia-FIT: complements Kerr's Shaping Files
  • Dia-MAX: complements Rotary Files
  • Dia-VET: (35mm, 45mm, 60mm) for longer canal or animal's canal
  • Feathered Tip: for Master Cone technique as auxiliary points (extra fine taper)
  • Dia-T: complements Twisted Files (Millimeter Marked)
  • Dia-Pro W: complements WaveOne Files (Millimeter Marked)

These Specialty Points are available in both Gutta Percha and Paper Points.

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