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PIP+ Nasal Hoods Large, Fresh Mint Pk/24


Accutron Personal Inhaler Plus+™ single-use nasal hoods provide your patients with reliable and comfortable nitrous oxide delivery while minimizing the potential for cross contamination. As the market leader, the lightly scented and brightly colored nasal hoods set the standard when it comes to conscious sedation therapy and patient care.

Unscented PIP+™ nasal hoods are also available. PIP+™ is made of a special thermoplastic elastomer, which is strong enough to keep the nasal hood from collapsing during treatment, yet soft to the touch for patient comfort. Material components are latex-free, minimizing the potential for allergic reactions.

Available in three sizes, PIP+™ provides patients with a comfortable fit and a secure clinical seal to prevent N2O leakage.

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