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Industrial Standard V808 Series HE Dust Collector (Integral USA)

The ISI-V808B & ISI-V808Plus dust collector systems are super quiet suction units designed for use with bench, hand and machine grinding. They are general purpose dust collection systems for use with plaster, ceramics, die stone and metals.


  • Industrial sized dust collection cavity 
  • Dual suction ports for multi-station use 
  • Integrated remote control 
  • Triple stage filter system filter particles to 0.3 microns 
  • Durable powder coated all-steel construction 
  • Optional Monomer filter 
  • Includes 6' x 2.5" flex hose and 4 high-capacity multi-ply filter bags 
  • 12"w x 12"d x 18"h

Model V808B

  • Quiet and powerful 1.0 hp (20,000 rpm) motor

Model V808plus

  • Ultra powerful dual-stage 1.25 hp motor for extreme suction

Variable Flow Controller Model ISI-VVFC - The ISI-VVFC provides variable noise and suction control for Integral Systems Dust Collector Models V80, V808PLUS, V808B and V8004. Simply plugs in-line to dust collector power. Workstation mountable for quick & easy adjustments and on/off control.

Flexible Hose Model ISI-V80H - This 6 ft. Flexible Hose is available in standard 2.5" (6.35 cm) diameter for use with all dust collectors. Includes end fittings.

Monomer Filter ISI-VFMON - Collects and eliminates 95% of all monomer and resin fumes. Available for every Dust Collector System

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Industrial Standard V808 Series Single Station HE Dust Collector: 100cfm w/6ft corded switch, one vacuum hose, one spare filter, NO AlumOx/Zirc
Industrial Standard V808 Series 1-2 Station HE Dust Collector: 100cfm, 6ft corded switch, one vacuum hose, one spare filter, NO AlumOx/Zirc
Dust Collector Variable Flow Controller: works with all ISI single motor dust collectors
Replacement Motor & Gaskets for Dust Collectors: V8004, V808, V808B, V808VFB & V86DS
Replacement Motor & Gaskets for Dust Collectors: V86DSB, V808Plus and V902
Motor Gaskets for ISI-V8004, ISI-V902, ISI-V80, ISI-V808B, ISI-V808plus, ISI-V86DS, ISI-V86DSB and QP Dust Collectors
Remote Switch Box for ISI Dust Collectors (includes cord & feedthrough)
Push Button Red Switch for Remote Dust Collector Switch Box
High Efficiency Disposable Filter Bags for Dust Collectors: HE, V80, V8004, V902, QP & Series V86, V808 (Pk/10)
Airflow Filter for HE Dust Collectors 9" x 15.5", each
Airflow Filter for HE Dust Collectors 10.5" x 10.5", each
Monomer Filter 11 3/4" x 11 3/4" for ISI-V808B, ISI-V808VFB and ISI-V808Plus Dust Collectors
Monomer Filter 9" x 15.5" for ISI-V86DS, ISI-V86DSB, V808 (HE) and V80 (HE)
Lid Gasket for All Dust Collectors 3/4"W x 4ft
Sound Foam for Dust Collectos (price per Sq. ft, please specify)
Flexible Vacuum Hose 6Ft x 2.5" (includes hose ends)
Vacuum Hose Coupler for 2.5" Hose
Vacuum Hose End
Vacuum Hose Reducer (2.5" to 1.25")
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