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Luxator: The Original (DIRECTA INC)

The Luxator is ergonomically designed for comfort and control during use. The shape and size of the handle is designed to minimize the force needed. The tip is extremely fine, so that you can insert it easily between bone and root with the minimum of destruction. The specially processed Swedish steel used in the blade is extremely durable and it retains its strength and sharpness after repeated sterilization. Can NOT Be Used As Elevator

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Starter 4pc Kit (3S, 3C, 5S, 5C, & Stone)
Luxator Complete Kit (all seven Luxators and stone)
Vet Kit (1S, 2S, 3S, 3C, 3CA & Stone)
Luxator 3mm Straight Blade, Gray Stripes
Luxator 3mm Curved Blade, Black Stripes
Luxator 5mm Straight Blade, Tan Stripes
Luxator 5mm Curved Blade, Brown Stripes
Luxator 2mm Straight Blade, Dark Green Stripes
Luxator 3mm ContraAngle Blade, Dark Blue Stripes
Luxator 3mm Inv. Curv. Blade, Light Blue Stripes
Luxator 1mm Straight Blade, Light Green Stripes
Luxator Duel Edge 3/1.5mm (Aqua Handle/Grey Stripes)
Luxator Duel Edge 5/3mm (Aqua Handle/Tan Stripes)
Luxator Sharpening Stone
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