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I-Max Touch Digital Panoramic X-Ray (Owandy)

Intuitive tactile panoramic unit:
Easy and straightforward to use
Pre-programming of the exposure parameters
Real-time visualisation of the acquired image
High Definition image and reduction of the X-ray dose
Multiple connections and information sharing
Adapted to all types of patients
Economic (Ceph option)
A single mobile sensor: for all pan and ceph functions
12 programmes and an immediate diagnosis
Efficient image treatments


  • Digital panoramic controlled by micro processor

  • Network operation and storage on a USB memory stick

  • LCD touch screen

  • Tube head 60-86 KV & 6-12 mA - 230 V

  • 18 anatomical programs

  • 9 examination programs: Standard panoramic adult/child, Reduced dose pan, Orthogonality, Left/Right Semi-Panoramic, Incisive block, SINUS, TMJ open/closed mouth

  • CCD Sensor 3072 X 5010 10,4 pl/mm

  • USB or RJ45 connection to the PC/network

  • Installation and user manuals

  • Accessories : temple supports + tips, bag of tips for temple rests, bag of centering bites, bag of chin rests

  • Quickvision imaging software, multi or network licence

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P1TCH/PAN I-Max Touch Digital Panoramic X-Ray (Owandy) Price: $39995.00
P1TCH/CEPH I-Max Touch Digital Panoramic X-Ray + Ceph (Owandy) Price: $49995.00
P1TCH/TR Tomo Chin Rest Holders Price: $1000.00
P1TCH/Tomo Tomo Upgrade Firmware Price: $5000.00